If you have an emergency or life-threatening situation, call 911 -- do not use this online request. If your concern involves the Parker Police Department or you need to report a crime that has already occurred, please call 303.841.9800.

To report an issue or code violation to Community Services, please visit http://parkerpolice.org/461/Online-Reporting.

To report flooding or illegal dumping into the stormwater system call the stormwater hotline at 303.805.6262.

Provide as much detail as possible in reference to the issue you are submitting.  In an effort to fully address a situation, it is recommended that a user profile is created.  The Town of Parker may not be able to fully address issues or provide follow up information if requests are submitted anonymously.

Please note that concerns reported will only be reviewed and responded to during regular Town Hall business hours of Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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